Each year seniors find out, sometimes the hard way, that wills, trusts, powers of attorney, living wills, health and life insurance policies, while once up-to-date and current, may contain a critical mistake.  Surviving spouses and children can be shocked to learn that investments, CDs, savings accounts, and insurance policies now have hidden problems.  All too often they hear; “I’m sorry, but it’s just too late to do anything about it now”.

Critical mistakes may involve legal documents which once were correct, but due to family or circumstantial changes are now very wrong.  They may involve investments passing to a child rather than to a surviving spouse, probate expenses, Federal Estate Taxes, or unfair distribution of assets among surviving children.  Sometimes issues involve uncertainty about nursing home or critical care decisions. 

Recently, a couple asked us to review their programs, including Medicare.  Everyone assumed that they had everything taken care of. Upon review, we found that their life insurance beneficiaries, the wills, power of attorney and medical directives were all out of date and needed revision.  We also found their Medicare Supplemental health insurance policies and prescription drug plans were lacking in several important areas, including dental, vision and hearing benefits.

Everyone’s situation changes.  Maybe your advisor has retired or just isn’t taking calls anymore.  Any advisor can make a mistake.  Insurance companies, investment companies, your doctor and the courts rely on your written instructions and insurance policy specifications.  Take time today to review what you have.  It could be very important.  We will be happy to do a free review for you. 


Mike & Angie Murphy, have been helping clients in Colorado for more than 49 years.  They are based in Windsor, CO and may be reached at 970-310-8201, 970-310-8369, on our website at Go-Seniors.com, on FaceBook at Go-Seniors Insurance or email at IDMcoinc@hotmail.com.

We will be happy to mail to you, free of charge, the 15-page booklet; Learning The Basics of Medicare.  Just let us know if you would like to receive a copy.